What we offer

What we offer

Methane Venting Solutions

With increased attention on emissions and ever tightening regulations, methane venting mitigation should be front of mind for all North American producers.

Instrument Gas Alternatives

Marathon’s KL8 Air-Power Unit provides instrument air to replace instrument gas venting. Optional combinations of air and power are available to suit most remote oil & gas site needs.

Vapour Recovery Units

Marathon offers industry leading knowledge and experience in low pressure vapour recovery units (VRU). We design and package new rotary vane compression packages, as well as retrofit surplus compression packages of all types to suit any application.

What we offer

KL8 Air-Power Unit

Our innovatively designed air-power unit provides instrument air and electrical power generation to remote sites. Replace your instrument gas and provide low voltage power to on-site instrumentation and controls. Flexibility of configuration enables custom integration into your facility. And our efficient and robust design, ensures a uniquely economical and reliable solution unlike any other in the market place.

What we offer

Surplus Equipment & Retrofit Services

Marathon provides access to a large network of new and used surplus gas compression equipment from across North America. Our team has extensive experience giving new life to old metal.

Surplus Equipment

Taking advantage of the gas compression secondary market is a significant method for reducing capital spending. Nearly every application we receive can be addressed with surplus equipment at a fraction of the cost of new. Marathon maintains an inventory of compression packages and stays connected with a vast network of producers, fabricators and brokers across North America.

Retrofit Project Management & Engineering Consulting

Our project management team specializes in retrofitting and repurposing your existing compression equipment. We have the knowledge and experience to work with you to optimize the value of your operational assets. This includes: cylinder swaps, piping modifications, electric drive conversions, and compressor optimization and troubleshooting.

What we offer

Conventional Gas & Unconventional Projects

From field retrofits to plant BTEX VRUs through to enhanced oil recovery polymer chokes, unusual projects are our favourite projects. Marathon Compression provides creative natural gas compression solutions through highly experienced engineering design and project management.

Engineer-Design-Build to Customer Specifications

Each new design-build package is custom built to the highest of industry standards and customer specifications. Marathon’s engineers provide thorough analysis and understanding of compression design principles to ensure a safe and reliable package is delivered without compromise.

Trusted Solutions

Unusual projects are our favourite projects. We pride ourselves in tackling unique and complex challenges. From producing industry’s most economic 2-stage BTEX VRU to refining the design of enhanced oil recovery (EOR) polymer injection chokes, Marathon consistently delivers creative and trusted solutions.