Marathon Compression provides trusted compression solutions that include:

  • VRU’s to eliminate methane venting from tanks
  • KL8 Air-Power Unit to power site pneumatics, instrumentation, and controls
  • Surplus Natural Gas Compression Equipment for economical and timely delivery
  • Field Retrofit Services to maximize the performance and value of your existing assets

We are a proven creative solutions provider that delivers comprehensive design and engineering services, working collaboratively with clients to supply compression equipment to the oil and gas industry.

With a singular focus on the client experience, Marathon Compression will go the distance for you and your organization. Contact us to learn more.

What we offer

Methane Venting Solutions

Marathon Compression designs and builds equipment that eliminates methane vent emissions from oil and gas facilities. We offer both standard and custom products to suit your needs.

We design and build low pressure vapour recovery units (VRU) to recapture valuable natural gas that would otherwise be lost.

Our instrument air compressor and power generation units replace instrument gas at remote facilities and empower the digital oilfield.

What we offer

KL8 Air-Power Unit

Whether boosting your companies ES&G performance, meeting the latest methane venting regulatory requirements, or facilitating SCADA and other digital oilfield innovation, the KL8 is a reliable and cost-efficient means of providing instrument air and power to remote oil and gas facilities. Let Marathon support your company in becoming an industry leader in methane reduction.

What we offer

Surplus Equipment & Retrofit Services

Marathon Compression sources, reconditions, and retrofits surplus natural gas equipment. We specialize in developing and executing fast-tracked creative solutions for our client’s specific project needs through engineering consulting and project management roles.

With 20+ years of in-house experience in the natural gas compression industry, Marathon has the capacity to support you the whole way through to a successful commissioning.

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What we offer

Conventional Gas &
Unconventional Projects

From field retrofits of cylinders, engines, and coolers to plant BTEX VRUs through to enhanced oil recovery polymer chokes, unusual projects are our favourite projects. Marathon Compression provides creative natural gas compression solutions through highly experienced engineering design and project management.